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"I've always wanted to design bikes, but I'm aware that what I want to design isn't for everyone.
I've focused on surrounding myself by like minded mates and designing things that get us all stoked to ride!"

Tom has always been involved with bikes, starting as the bike shop grom and selling bikes, going to university to study industrial design - while still being a grom and selling bikes. Eventually delving into bike mechanics. With 10 years working in the industry, Tom has always had a passion for the look of bikes and customising them where he can.
In 2020 Tom met Andy (Walker Fabrication) where their combined love for design and bikes, along with their unique skills, created Vibe Bikes.


Behind the




Walker Fabrication is a massive part of Vibe Bikes. Owned and operated by Andy, we work very closely to offer high end fabrication on every Vibe product we offer.
It's awesome to have such strong relationships with your day one's, so cheers to future years!
Feel free to head over to the Walker Fabrication Instagram and check out any Vibe fabrication, as well as a large range of other projects.


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The Vibe Bikes SÈRPA is a passion project that's been in the works for a very long time!
It's our first full suspension offering, and that in itself comes with its fair share of challenges.
The SÈRPA will be a 180mm, single speed, steel park bike. This isn't a bike for everywhere or everyone, but hopefully it get a few people stoked!
This will hopefully be the flagship bike for Vibe, so feel free to follow along with the design process and see how it goes.


Vibe Bikes

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